dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Whitney Port

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Jennifer R.Kociolek a dit…

Super les photos :D

Article sur Kenza la blogueuse (si tu ne l'avais pas encore vu :)) est en ligne sur mon blog!

Des Histoires de Pieds... a dit…

So Beautiful... :)

The Queen of Hearts a dit…

I really don't understand the public's obsession with this girl. I don't think there's anything remotely interesting about yet another SoCal rich girl who is famous for being, well, rich!

The Black Queen

La pépite modeuse a dit…

j'adore son style !
Joli blog :)

jamie-lee a dit…

love this photos @whitney - can I have your jacket please yes thankyou. x


thefacelessblog a dit…

love her style!!

thanks for this post :)

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glad to have bumped into your blog :)

keep in touch. xx

Kraxpelax a dit…



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Anonyme a dit…

Loved all pics !!
Candida @ www.cheiadefrikote.wordpress.com

Shebelle a dit…

where is this? XD which country?

menina elegante a dit…

wow! I love her shoes in the last photo! Though I must say, the girl in the blue dress is kind of stealing the show. :P Lovely photos!

menina elegante

BarelyVogue a dit…

Love her look.

Natalie Charlotte Turner a dit…

She is soo lovely!

Anonyme a dit…

love these looks
love your blog
thanks for sharing, wonderful inspiration
i'll be back for sure


Adama a dit…

Je l'aime beaucoup!!!

Valou a dit…

j'adore cette femme !!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Très jolies photos et j'aime bien son pantalon.

caro from geneva