vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Vogue UK octobre 2010

Lily Donaldson

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Emilie a dit…

amazing styling!


have a great weekend :)

Des Histoires de Pieds... a dit…

J'adore ces photos ma best ;)

Vanessa a dit…

omg, fantastic!

Anna a dit…

I love those pictures <3

menina elegante a dit…

great inspiration!! I love the last photo especially, the skirt its gorgeous and well as the print!

menina elegante

Robbie a dit…

Love the model (of course) but personally I find UK vogue styling can sometimes be a bit monotonous, although I do adore that grey jumper!!

Ellinor Forje a dit…

The dress with the boots. Wow, j'adore. You have a nice blog. Come and visit mine when you have time.


Alejandro a dit…

Nice editorials Street Style Fashion

thefacelessblog a dit…

thx for posting these pics! amazing!

feel free to visit/comment on my blog, and follow me on google friends and bloglovin if u wish!

wud love to know wot u think!

keep in touch. xx

FH a dit…

Ouahhh sublime ce jersey gris !!

Bonnie a dit…

I love the dress in the first picture. Totally gorge.